The Airy Core Platform is a fully-featured, production ready messaging platform that allows its user to process messaging data from a variety of sources (like facebook messenger or google business messages). The core platform contains the following components:

  • A ingestion platform that heavily relies on Apache Kafka to process incoming webhook data from different sources. We make sense of the data and reshape it into source independent contacts, conversations, and messages (see our glossary for formal definitions).

  • A React UI component library which we showcase at components.airy.co.

  • An HTTP api to manage the data sets the platform handles.

  • A webhook integration server that allows its users to programmatically participate in conversations by sending messages (the webhook integration exposes events users can "listen" to and react programmatically.)

  • A WebSocket server that allows clients to receive near real-time updates about data flowing through the system.

Getting started

You can run the Airy Core Platform locally by running the following commands:

$ git clone -b main https://github.com/airyhq/airy
$ cd airy
$ ./scripts/bootstrap.sh

The bootstrap installation requires Vagrant and VirtualBox. If they are not found, the script will attempt to install them for you. Check out our user guide for detailed information.